No one else (mudville) wrote,
No one else

They say it's your birthday...

Happy Birthday plaball!!!! Candis, you watch more movies than anyone I've ever met. You were also one of my very first LJ friends and you (and your partner in crime, Iesha) have hung out with me at least twice so that automatically makes you one of my better friends. I wish you a wonderful birthday and I hope you get to meet Russell Crowe this year. It was partially through his fondness for Trot Nixon that we met. See you soon.
- R.

Incidentally, I ran this lil entry though the trusty spellchecker. And it would like me to replace "Plaball Candis" with "Labial Candies." Sounds good to me.
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Thank you! Hehe, this entry made my birthday that much better (even if it is technically almost 4 hours after my birthday ended). Hehe. :oD