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Does it seem to anyone else like things are just "wrong" somehow? An impending war, more snow than the northeast knows what to do with, random explosions, club fires, botched transplants, livejournal technical difficulties, roofs falling down, owl rescuings.... I will not be surprised at all if a swarm of locusts comes heading our way.

Now then... That is why I don't like going to clubs! (Actually, this isn't entirely true as I don't particularly like clubs cuz they're usually smokey and filled with people and I'm shy and a social misfit.... but I digress.) Those poor, poor folks... both in Chicago and here in New England. It's maddening that stuff like this happens in this day and age. Common sense was sorely lacking. And if I wasn't one of those people who looked for fire exits and such before (Note: I was), I am now. Gosh, I'm sorry. We're pretty sure someone who worked in the same plaza I do was there and has yet to be heard from. And now the blame game. The friends and families are in my prayers. And the victims... well, Heaven's house band is a lot better than Great White. It has Jimi Hendrix on guitar, John Bonham on drums, and Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin take turns singing. Rock on, guys.

On a similar note...
R.I.P - Jesica Santillan aka 'the transplant teen.' ::sigh:: You know I was pulling for you. I'm sorry. I hope there's a heaven for you, kiddo.


On a lighter note, I helped rescue an owl tonight at work. "But Rob," they exclaimed, "how can that be? You work in a toy store." And I reply, "I know!" Well, we had a visitor tonight. A beautiful, Furby-sized, screech owl dropped in on us. We're not sure how he got there actually. We've had birds every so often, but never anything like an owl. So we cordoned off the area he was hanging out in (the puzzle section) and I sat and birdwatched for the evening. I felt a bit like a museum tour guide for a bit. "Have you seen our owl? He's been here about 3 hours now." Yeah, so the police were no help. The fire dept told us to call the police. (grr) Most animal places aren't in on the weekends. (Huh?) And one dude wanted $300. Luckily, one of our guests was able to have her daughter find some numbers on the internet. And a blessed soul from the Animal Rescue League (Jim, I think?) arrived and on our third attempt, we caught our fine feathered friend. (I held one of the nets!) Then we put him in a box, cooked him up and ate him. Or we set him free. I took some pictures on a disposable camera (which I just realized I never paid for), but none of my pictures ever come out right. I'm not very photogenic.


So while Rob may be a hero, he is also an frickin' idiot. Guess who slept through his alarm Saturday morning and failed to get Norah Jones tickets? That's right, me! I'm pissed. I could still get one ticket in the back rows, but for now I'm gonna hold out for two tickets on another date. (She will add another date, I'm sure. BUT after she wins ALL the Grammies tomorrow night, that's sure to sell out even faster.) As I mentioned back when I saw Coldplay, FleetBoston Pavilion is THE best place to see a show. We should all go. But only one of you will get the pleasure of sitting next to me. Annie is in Oregon. Barb is in Canada. And Lisa already turned me down. (Politely though.) Flattery gets you everywhere. ;)


Bruce Springsteen will win way too many awards, including Album of the Year, but that award is tainted since Coldplay wasn't even nominated. If they don't win the Alternative category, I'll yell something at the tv. Norah Jones is a shoe-in for New Artist, and I think she's got a good chance at Record/Song too, though Eminem and Alan Jackson have a chance. Em will win most of the Rap awards anyhoo. The Dixie Chicks will win a bunch of Country awards. I'm really pulling for Queens of the Stone Age to win that Hard Rock category. It should be John WIlliams' Harry Potter against Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings for Soundtrack. But the academy loves Randy Newman. India.Aire will win some awards in her categories, as will Solomon Burke. And as much as I love Arif Mardin's production on Come Away With Me, I'd like to see Dr. Dre or Rick Rubin will for Producer of the Year. And my fingers and toes are crossed that Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones version of My Father's Shoes wins the Polka Category. (I amuse myself sometimes.)

Christoper Walken should be on SNL every other month. Steve Martin made a cameo during Weekend Update. Will Ferrell revisited. Britney Spears was there too. Jim Carrey went nuts during a Foo Fighters performance. And we all enjoyed Colonel Angus. NYC is the place to be.

And Alissa, where are you?
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