No one else (mudville) wrote,
No one else

This is the end.

Mudville may return someday. Heaven knows I'm not much of a success in the real world either. But if you cared or paid attention, thank you. A lot.

See you soon.
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what's wrong buddy? :(
Just loneliness, my friend.
Take care cutie.
Thanks Missa.

Remember when I told you whomever I became friends with falls in love soon after? I was soo right. I'll see you around.


13 years ago

mudville! i know you may not want to hear this right now... but goddamn you're hot! you're adorable! but all things aside, it would be great if you stayed...but good luck, rock on and keep listening to hunky dory :)


<3 L
Haha. You are blind. And silly. And very kind. Thank you. I've seriously never been called hot before. There have been people (some from LJ) that have stopped talking to me when I show them a picture. I'm convinced there's something seriously wrong with the way I look.

I wish I had your email address. Not too long ago, I wanted to share something Bowie-related with you.
Now, is this going to be permanent, or only temporary like last time. Because I hope it's temporary since I'd miss you. Hell, I barely talk to you now, what with our different schedules and with you never being online, and I miss talking to you. Anyway, do what's best for you and try to be happy. :o)
"Mudville" is essentially dead. It was on fumes for a while, but I figured I might as well put it out of its misery just in case anyone had hope of a return to the glory days.

But like I mentioned in the post, my real life is in shambles. So I'm sure I'll come crawling back to LJ sooner or later. Just probably under a new name or something. You'll be one of the first to know.
how bout you don't run away...
i miss reading your words...

ps... i'm getting married... no one saw that one coming!!
I so did. Well, maybe not to the extent of marriage, but I knew you were onto something. I was around back when Mr. Right made his first appearance. In fact, I think I had a mini-crush on you. Anyway, I saw that he did all the right things. And I completely approved. It was very nice to see. Congratulations.


13 years ago

♥ miss you, darle.

oh man, do i miss *you*...the one i could tell anything to. ::sighs:: such a good friend, and now we haven't talked in...well, it seems like forever. where the heck are you, boyo? email me sometime, eh? it's as easy as to remember, and then i can give you my other address...the one i use more...don't leave, i'll miss you too much. my online life lacks a lot when it's rob-boyo-less. ::hugs::
Okay Rob...when are you coming back? Huh? I'm trying to get back in touch with my livejournal, join me...

Hey is that you? In that picture? What a cutie...:)
wow, i never got a message that you commented. i just sorta stumbled here because someone wanted my picture. anyway, yes, that's me. sorry about that.

i made an attempt at a new LJ, but it was everso bitter and mean and nasty. we'll see.


13 years ago


November 9 2003, 19:52:57 UTC 13 years ago


hey you


February 29 2004, 03:40:09 UTC 12 years ago

Did not know you were really into TV shows. :)

Anyway, Reading your journal made me realize how much I miss talking to you. Wanted to let you know that I never wanted to stop talking to you. It just happened. You are a great friend, Rob. You will always be that great part in my life. Do you know I use to have journals of only you in them? I'm sorry If I suddenly disappeared. Just know that I will always love you and remember you.

hey buddy. i hope you don't feel too upset that i'm going to take you off my new friends list, if only because i don't think you read it. if you do, feel 100% free to correct my assumption and you are back on in 5 seconds, i promise. miss you, boyo. ~the girlo, formerly goldenskye
i miss you.

come back
whatever happened to you? I always wondered.
Hey, Rob? I don't know if you'll see this or whatever. It's me, Lisa. I really do miss you and hope you're well. As proof that I think of you every now and again, here I am at your journal, leaving a comment. Out of NOWHERE, man.
Someday I'm sure our paths will cross again. You wouldn't mind that, right? Uh, right?
Maybe I'll run into you on AIM sometime. Just to help you along, my oft-used screen name is MsBelievr.
Please utilize this information. This message will a'splode in 3...2...

Love, ManicLise
Damnit's been over two years and I STILL have you on my friends list. It seems that several people do and still wonder whatever happened to you...

I hope you are well and consider making a post stating that you are alive.

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