No one else (mudville) wrote,
No one else

what say you

Customer at work: You must have a nice collection of stuff.
Me: Yeah, I guess it's getting pretty massive.
Him: What are you, like 22-23?
Me: God bless you, sir.

So what shall I do for my birthday?

I know most of you will be busy with school or work, etc. but what are you all doing on Wednesday, September 17? The RedSox are playing Tampa Bay and if there's sufficient interest amongst y'all, I could get a bunch of tickets. Maybe Friday, the 12th against the White Sox would be better for everyone?

OR... maybe something more formal on the weekend? We can all get dressed up and pretend we're the beautiful people or something. Slow-dancing for everyone!

OR... I could just pretend the whole thing isn't happening and sit in my room crying, listening to Anita Baker and other depressing music. Which is EXACTLY what I did the night of my Senior Prom.

And for my friends in other parts of the world, now is as good a time as any to make your travel plans.

I'm not a social creature so I need input.
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