No one else (mudville) wrote,
No one else

Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone

So I'm kinda sorta more or less getting back into the swing of things. I gave real life a try. It didn't quite take. So now we search for the happy medium....

By the way, if you ever wanna see who cares and who doesn't, just disappear for a little bit. Some of the people on my 'friends' list couldn't wait to get rid of me. (And some of the now missing names surprised me a little.) This sucks of course because my LJ is indeed (or at least was) completely and utterly 'me.' I'm tired of hurting. So I've just got to train myself not to care as much. A million thank-you's to those who stuck around. I am in your debt. Ask of me freely.

Happy Easter
Happy Passover
Happy Sunday
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