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"American Idol"
Is it me or does the show seem to really be pushing to have a male to win this year? They're no dummies; they know the power of the teenage dollar. Still, it's interesting that many of the competitors this year don't "look" the part. Ruben has got to be pushing 350 lb., and yet he made it to the Top 10. I doubt he'll win though as one can never underestimate the shallowness of the American public. On the whole, the talent is way better this year. My two favorites thus far (Trenyce, the black chick from Week 1 and Clay, the white boy from Week 2) would have made the Top 5 last year, but this year may not even make it to the Top 10. (And what's up with the blonde chick losing to the not- as-nice-looking-OR-sounding Julia?) Now then, the show needs give us better explanation over this whole Frenchie incident. She did porn, big deal. While I question exactly who would want to see Frenchie naked, I certainly don't think she should be disqualified either.

"Are You Hot?"
Speaking of shallowness... I stumbled upon this gem the other night. The mission of the show is to find 'the sexiest people in America.' I suppose the show is good for eye-candy (and to goof on those who think they are "all that"), but that's about it. There's nothing interesting or original about it. There's a panel of 3 judges (just like when Howard Stern 'evaluates' someone) who give scores based on face, body, and overall sex appeal. But just in case we don't know what's hot, Lorenz Lamas is there help us, pointing out any flaws he may see with a laser pointer (again borrowed from the Stern show). I suppose I shouldn't take any pity on someone who allows themselves to be judged like that, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the way to boost anyone's confidence. To be perfectly honest, there are a few people on my LJ list who are "hotter" than many of the people who've gotten far in this 'competition.' (Grace, Laura, and Amanda, I'm looking in your direction.) And ALL of you have better personalities. Anyway, thus far, I like Cari and that Asian dude. I'm not sure I'll continue watching though as this show features the worst host I have ever seen. He's not good enough to introduce animal bloopers somewhere on cable.

"Joe Millionaire"
The early consensus seems to be that Joe is going to go for the gold-digging, fetish-film-starring Sara over the down-to-earth, refreshing Zora. For about 5 minutes, I even thought to myself, "Aww, I'll feel bad if Zora doesn't win." And then I thought, "Waitasecond, win what?" Joe M. is nice enough, but is he really all that appealing? He's nice-looking, sure. But he's not brainy. He's not funny. Ehh, I'm not sure why I care. Or if care. Stupid tv.

"The Surreal Life"
Speaking of stupid tv.... Why?

"The Osbournes"
Yeah, they've kinda gone all Hollywood on us, but I still like them. Ozzy singing "No More Pubic Hair" to Paul McCartney's "No More Lonely Nights" was the highlight of my tv-watching this week. By the way, I halfheartedly recommend the new "Essential" Ozzy double cd set. It looks good, but it is incomplete. There's got to be some legal issues with "Shot In The Dark" though as it's not found on any of his compilations, despite arguably being his biggest hit.

"Survivor: Battle of the Sexes"
Obnoxiousness, you have a new name... and you may take your pick from any of the male castaways on this new edition of Survivor. Especially Rob. Oofah, what an ass. "We're gonna win every immunity challenge." "They're busy doing their nails." "I bet they wish they had their cell phones so they could call their boyfriends to help them." And when they lost? "We sure were humbled." Bah... why? Why is it humbling for a woman to be better than a man at something? I don't get it. And frankly, I think it does a disservice to all of us when shows like Road Rules and Survivor even bother to pit the boys vs the girls. It's not cute anymore. Maybe it's straight white male guilt on my part or something, but I think I was just raised differently. I remain an equalist. Anyway, I hope the women don't kick the deaf girl off just cuz she's deaf. I gotta wonder what the Survivor people were thinking here. But I'm already rooting for her. And yes, I thought that Heidi chick was really cute.

Interestingly enough, you could have flipped around the dial after Survivor and caught the special Valentine's Day Bra & Panties match on Smackdown. Good grief.

In a semi-related story, I read that Annika Sorenstem was invited to compete with the men in a PGA event. Now this, I approve of.

In other news, I got an offer to be someone's 'platonic Valentine.' I accepted. (Thank you, girlo.)

And if all goes well, I'll be staying at Lizzie Borden's house with yet another platonic friend (actually a co-worker) tomorrow evening. Yes, the same Lizzie Borden who gave her father 40 whacks. Hey, I was invited. I suggest things like concerts or movies or pool or dinner. But noooo.... Seriously, one of you guys must wanna hang out sometime and do something normal.

PS. A while back, a couple of my LJ pals asked me to make a Top 20 list of 'people I'd sleep with.' I'm undecided if I think it's too creepy or not. Any thoughts?
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