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She doesn't need rescuing.

white or otherwise, i've never ridden a horse
there are chinks in whatever armour i have
and no kiss can break this spell
the magic mirror has shattered
the glass slipper does not fit
and it's already struck midnight
there are no stars to wish upon
the drawbridge is risen
and you
you are not standing at the tower.

Blah. Valentine's Day makes me think of hearts made out of construction paper and stuffed animals and boxes of candy and romance. And romance makes me think of fairytales and medieval times and knights and princesses. Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day to y'all. And Happy "Day That Shall Not Be Named" to those who are presently unattached. Y'know, if the world ends soon, and by all accounts it just may, I'll have never had a real Valentine. Pshaw.

Anyhoo, I've watched a ton of bad tv lately. Perhaps next time I'll go back to doing what I do best... complaining.
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